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StableHouse offers businesses and professionals from hedge funds to brokers and banks to crypto finance organisations a scalable, regulated and flexible digital assets platform.

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Enjoy flexible finance solutions

We provide businesses with a wide range of lending and borrowing solutions across stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and government-issued fiat currencies.

Finance that fits your business

Our platform has been built to allow instant, frictionless and high liquid trade executions for a wide range of stablecoins.

  • You can take advantage of highly competitive market rates thanks to our partnership with XBTO, an established world leader in cryptofinance

  • Choose the stablecoin that best fits your business with our extensive list of local currencies and issuers

  • Our StableSwap product allows you to easily exchange two assets sitting on the same or different blockchains, directly into your own custody provider

Our full-stack API works for you

Our API is at the heart of our architecture. And we’ve designed it so you can access all the capabilities of our platform on your own terms.

  • Easy to use comprehensive REST API
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  • Need help building? Contact[email protected]

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Powered by world leaders in crypto finance

Our deep working relationship and partnership withXBTO, a world leader in crypto finance, means we’re able to provide organisations with in-depth knowledge, and help them leverage greater rewards and benefits.

We’re authorized and regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), and the Digital Assets Business Act 2018.

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StableHouse is helping to answer the need for frictionless compatibility within the stablecoin market. Their expertise and sound approach allow them to innovate through best-in-class products, and give confidence to their customers and partners.
RelayPay CEO
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I’m pleased to have participated in the pilot testing of @stablehouse_io's digital stimulus token and look forward to its wider rollout to EEZ businesses. It's a great showcase of Fintech innovation and a step toward making payments more accessible for Bermudian entrepreneurs.
Premier David Burt
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StableHouse is spearheading the next generation of crypto lending. Lending in crypto requires superior, data-driven risk management and a genuine commitment to transparency with the investor base. StableHouse is dedicated to delivering on both these fronts.
XMargin CEO
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Clarien has valued the opportunity to collaborate with StableHouse, as they strive to develop innovative, compliant and commercially sensible solutions for the evolving digital economy. As their banking partner, we are pleased to support their operations in line with local regulations — while we take strides towards our strategic aspiration of being the digital bank of choice.
Simon Van de Weg
EVP and Chief Banking Officer, Clarien Bank Limited

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