A powerful API, easy to use UI

Our API allows all members to interact with Stablehouse’s platform, from effecting transfers to deposits, withdrawals, creation and redemption and reporting.

StableHouse dashboard image

Unique features

On-Exchange Trading

  • Instant
  • Passive Inventory earns fees

On-Chain Swaps

  • Low Counterparty risk
  • Direct transfers

Time Settlement Swaps

  • LBTC / Lightning and other sidechain swaps
StableHouse traiding screenshot

“Stablehouse serves as a liquidity nexus that gives stablecoin issuers, holders and exchanges certainty over access and liquidity”

Philippe Bekhazi, Stablehouse CEO

Our Story

We are a young company dedicated to developing blockchain-based payment and trading solutions. Our history started within the XBTO Group, a company that continues to nurture our development and growth.