Earn. Exchange. Instantly.

Unlock the potential of stablecoins.

We are a regulated platform bridging centralized and decentralized finance (DeFi). With Stablehouse, you can exchange instantly and earn interest from all major stablecoins, Bitcoin and foreign currencies.

We strive to be a nexus of liquidity in the cryptocurrency space.


Enter Stablehouse



A complete solution for people and payment companies wishing to transact in stablecoins or do faster and cheaper FX transactions whether in person, online or in merchant environments



A regulated financial services firm offering solutions for end users, corporate treasury, as well as to support merchants and professionals



Acting as a central clearing settlement counterparty via API or User Interface



Allowing users and exchanges to securely and efficiently transfer any and all major stablecoins at a liquid market price and for a fixed minimal fee

Make your coins work

Utilizing Stablehouse provides yield on stablecoin balances, liquidity and a variety of financial transactions accessible through screens, apps and APIs.


Trade work-1

  • Buy, sell & exchange between dozens of currencies
  • Pro and basic web UI solutions, a mobile app and a powerful API, tailored to the needs of FX professionals
  • Off-Exchange or On-Exchange trading, limit your third-party risk and/or save on fees

Pay work-2

  • Instant transfers between Stablehouse members and credit-lines may be granted to the most active users
  • Leverage and connect to several blockchain rails
  • Utilize the most advanced Bitcoin scalability technologies such as Lightning and Liquid

Receive work-3

  • Directly receive the currencies in stablecoins
  • Easily convert and remit your stablecoins for fiat
  • Securely integrate your bank account and account access via traditional bank transfers

Earn work-4

  • Balances on Stablehouse are eligible to earn returns - via friction fees when activated for our passive inventory trading and liquidity
  • Contribute what you want, when you want

Our Powerful API

You can build your own financial, payment and trading solutions using our API

auth =



dataJson = json.dumps({



'currencyFrom': 'BTC',

'currencyTo': 'ETH',

'amountFrom': '0.001',


swapRequest = requests.post(api_url + '/v1/swaps/create',

auth=auth, data=dataJson)


Made for developers
by developers

Stablehouse’s powerful API brings the FX world into developers’ hands. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with it.

As a proof of concept, Stablehouse has enabled merchants to accept specialized digital stablecoins in Bermuda. Learn more about it here

Keeping your money in stablecoins

In today’s world of low interest rates, Stablehouse can offer a higher yield than most bank accounts while leaving your money in your own currency denomination and remain liquid. This is due to the increased utility that stablecoins offer to certain participants in the digital asset ecosystem who have a need for them. The yield varies from asset to asset, and from currency to currency. In fact, you set your own pricing. With Stablehouse, you can rest assured that your funds are secure and liquid at all times.

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